Hey y'all, my name is Daniel Belken. I was born and raised in Summerville, South Carolina. Ever since I was old enough to walk, my Dad took me on many hunting and fishing adventures and introduced me to the Outdoors. Now I am an avid Hunter, Fisherman, and an Outdoorsman who loves to spend every day outside.

Because of my passion for the Outdoors and Wildlife, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at Clemson University for Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and will be graduating in the Spring of 2017. After graduation, I am going to continue my education and attain a Masters Degree in Wildlife.

I will be gaining more experience in the Wildlife Industry by working with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources during the Summer of 2016 by helping maintain our Heritage Preserves in Clemson. I will also be completing the Deer Steward I certification with the Quality Deer Management Association. I am a member of the Clemson student chapter of The Wildlife Society, Ducks Unlimited, the South Carolina Waterfowl Association, and the Quality Deer Management Association.

I am excited to be working with the Southern Wildlife Consulting Group because I enjoy making everyone's dreams a reality and creating Wildlife habitats for future Generations to share and enjoy.

Hi, my name is Kate Basinger. I was born and raised in the plains of Ohio. I started hunting and fishing at a very early age and eventually learned to hunt everything Ohio has to offer. Chasing Whitetails is my true passion with either a bow or firearm. Growing up in the Midwest, I was lucky enough to be able to hunt some of the best Whitetail Deer America has to offer. It was this love for the Outdoors that inspired me to pursue a career in the Wildlife industry. My dream is to one day become an advocate for Women in the Outdoors.

I moved to South Carolina three years ago where I now attend Coastal Carolina University and am majoring in Conservation Biology. I am the Founder/President of the Coastal Carolina Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and I am also a member of the Quality Deer Management Association and Ducks Unlimited. My experience with wildlife management started at an early age while helping to plant food plots for Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey. I spent a summer as a Natural Resource Specialist with the Ohio division of Wildlife where I helped manage public hunting land, which included planting Dove fields and trapping/banding Migratory Birds. I look forward to continuing to do what I love and to help others maximize their hunting experience.

Hi, my name is Laura Bedenbaugh. I am the Marketing Associate for Southern Wildlife Consulting Group. I work with a number of different publications for all of our advertising efforts and also handle our social media. I am from Newberry, SC and completed my BA in Mass Communication from Winthrop University in 1999. I received my Masters in Education in Student Affairs from Clemson University in 2002.

Hello, my name is Justin Strieby. I was born and raised in our Country's Heartland. Growing up walking, hunting, and fishing among Midwestern farmlands and forests instilled in me a deep seeded love and passion for the outdoors and the sporting pursuits it provided. At an early age, I decided that I would pursue a career that would allow me to return the many favors that Mother Nature had offered me.

Once high school was completed, I applied and was accepted to the University of Montana. Amid the mountains and rivers of Montana, my appreciation of and desire to work outdoors grew exponentially. I chose to major in Recreation Management through the School of Forestry, never once wavering in my decision. In between semesters, I spent my time working at places such as: Glacier National Park, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Hilton Head Island. After my Senior Internship was completed at Hilton Head Island, I moved to Greenville, SC.

It was here in South Carolina that I was introduced to the Quality Deer Management Association and its principles. Never before had I encountered a group of people, much less an entire organization that felt the same as I did. From then on all of my free time has been spent learning how to improve and increase wildlife habitat. I am a Level 1 Deer Steward certified by the Quality Deer Management Association. I am a firm believer in providing others a quality experience combined with quality work.

Hello, my name is Kyle Brandon. I'm from Georgetown, South Carolina. All my life I have had the privilege to be exposed to the Outdoors. Ever since I can remember, I have been hunting or fishing in the swamps and pines surrounding my hometown. My love for the Outdoors is what caused me to pursue a career in the Outdoor industry.  

I am currently attending Clemson University and majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and will graduate the Spring of 2017 with a Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist degree. I plan on continuing my education at the Graduate level. My experience in wildlife management will be furthered through my internships. During the summer of 2015, I interned with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources in Clemson and with the Southern Wildlife Consulting Group.  In the Fall and Winter of 2015, I worked with Dr. Grant Woods (Growing Deer TV) at his private farm in Southwest Missouri, the Proving Grounds.

I am a Member of the Quality Deer Management Association and am on the Clemson University QDMA Branch Committee. I also help with the management efforts at the Puckett Homestead in Troy, SC.   

Hello, my name is Karman Bedenbaugh. I live in Gray Court, SC. Over 40 years ago, I was introduced to the great outdoors by my Grandfather, Rufus Chapman. He instilled in me a passion for all Wildlife and Freshwater Fish. Over the years we hunted and fished together and his wisdom was passed on to me with on hand experience and the value and payoff of good hard work. I still have the belief that if we give to the land and treat it right, it will give back with more rewards than you can imagine. I am a Lifetime Member of the Quality Deer Management Association, the President of the Lakelands Branch of the QDMA and am currently a Level 2 Deer Steward certified by the QDMA.

My wildlife management experience includes being a member of Cedar Ridge Plantation in Bradley, SC since 2004. At Cedar Ridge, I help with preparation and upkeep of Wildlife food plots and habitat, maintain mineral sites for Whitetail Deer, work on the camera survey committee, care of the fruit trees planted on the property, and help prepare and maintain Dove fields, among other things. I am also the Property Manager of the Puckett Homestead in Troy, SC. This is a 500 acre property that is managed exclusively for Wildlife education and research. This special project is the combined efforts of the Plum Creek Timber Company, QDMA, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, local 4-H and dedicated Volunteers under my direction. This property is an educational arena for all, but it can only be hunted by first time Hunters of any age, limited opportunity Hunters, wounded Veterans, and other deserving individuals.

My love for all that is outdoors sparked a fire in me to start the Southern Wildlife Consulting Group. We are a team of dedicated individuals that will absolutely work hard to make your property the best it can be.

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